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TECHNION crane control system

Technion Ltd. develops and manufactures electronic control systems for mobile machinery industry. Its core competence is first-class hydraulic valve control and applications utilizing the versatile controller (ECU) product family, displays and other components.

xCrane is a control system for mobile cranes and trailer functions. It offers the best user experience in the market regardless of the hydraulic solution or the crane type. xCrane provides fast response times and smooth individual controls for each operator. xCrane is a perfect solution for new cranes or as a retro fit for existing cranes. 


System Features:
• Standard system supports up to 16 hydraulic movements and up to 36 outputs in total
• 3.2” color display
• Speed, ramp and progression adjustments for each movement
• Joystick calibration, filtering and deadband 

• Working hours counter
• Technion QUICK TRIM adjusts crane speed in order to optimize productivity

• Scalable using optional features
• Enhanced safety with interactive floating activation
• Ability to float the crane during trailer transportation
• Tractor Integration

Operator benefits:
• Performance and productivity; the xCrane control system is fast and accurate
• User friendly; the xCrane logical user interface is quick to learn and easy to use
• Low maintenance cost, compatible with a wide range of joysticks
• Minimizes downtime with self-diagnostics features
• Features of the system can be upgraded easily by USB memory stick
• Proven and reliable concept for harsh field conditions
• One of the most cost effective solution in the market
• Can be customized with options




TECHNION xCrane PLUS and xCrane PRO

The xCrane product family has grown with xCrane PLUS parallel boom control and xCrane PRO tip control. You can install it on the existing systems of forest harvesters and forwarders, trucks, and trailers. It is also used by machine manufacturers.

xCrane PLUS – smart parallel boom control for cranes without sensors

xCrane PLUS is designed for operators who need both parallel boom control and traditional control depending on the work phase.
Unique Technion Control mode makes your loading and unloading work phase significantly faster. The parallel boom mode functions as a tip control mode if you activate boom extension from the touch screen.
Provides all the xCrane benefits.

xCrane PRO – Technion tip control for cranes with sensors

xCrane PRO brings crane operation to a completely new level with its state-of-the-art tip control: operators can now control the tip of the boom instead of controlling each cylinder separately.

• xCrane PRO also supports traditional and parallel boom control as well as Technion control
• Extremely effective, fast and precise
• Easy to learn
• End cushions for all boom movements increase wellbeing at work and the lifetime of the crane
• Enables automatic movement limitations in overload situations
• Provides all the xCrane benefits

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