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Kesla’s extensive experience in forest technology has given it superior expertise as a developer of harvesters. Kesla’s harvester family offers the market’s most comprehensive line of both roller and stroke harvester heads. The product family also includes excavator harvester packages. When developing the harvester head range, special attention has been paid on requirements of biomass harvesting. With optional accessories the Kesla harvester heads can be equipped for effective biomass logging. An extensive selection of cranes designed specifically for harvesting use supplements the range of harvester products. As a testimony to Kesla’s quality, several harvester manufacturers around the world have chosen KESLA as their original equipment. The design and manufacturing of Kesla’s forest machines complies with all applicable international quality criteria. All products pass through a rigorous quality assurance program as well as practical performance and safety tests.






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Kesla 18RH II

The KESLA 18RH-II is a genuine powerhouse when it comes to thinning. The feeding and sawing forces are exceptionally high compared to the head’s weight. 18RH-II is at its best in thinning where the trees’ average diameter is less than 25 cm. The head’s maximum opening is 40 cm. The head’s compact construction also enables it to process crooked stems effectively. Additional accessories include the hydCon measuring roller, color marking device, automatic chain tightener and stump treatment device. The KESLA 18RH-II is best suited to 7-10 ton wheeled harvesters.


For more information: http://www.kesla.fi/products/category/product/roller-feed-harvester-heads/18rh-rhs/


Kesla 25RH II

The KESLA 25RH-II is a truly versatile harvester head for thinning and final felling where the trees’ average diameters are less than 40 cm. The head’s maximum opening is 58 cm. The excellent balance, combined with the geometry of the rollers and knives, facilitates and speeds up the picking of trees either standing or lying on the ground, either vertically or from bundles. The head is also well suited to the processing on landing.

Additional accessories include the proCon, hydCon and Eucapro features as well as color marking device, automatic chain tightener as well as stump treatment device. The 25RH-II can be equipped also for productive biomass harvesting with the unique KESLA proAX-cutting system and multi-stem functions. KESLA 25RH-II is best suited to 12-20 ton base machines.

For more information: http://www.kesla.fi/products/category/product/roller-feed-harvester-heads/25rh-rhs/





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